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The Archives

Here is a selection of past sold artworks to give you an idea of what is possible.

I will refresh the selection regularly to demonstrate the endless variety of projects I have had the pleasure of working on over the 20 years of my painting career. Enjoy browsing!

Chinta Ria (Temple of Love)

Chinta Ria (Temple of Love)

Cin Cin.

Dinner with friends again

Happy 50th birthday

Happy 50th birthday

Lemon tree very pretty

Lifeguards of Clyde Street

On my way

Sally's 50th birthday present

Sand Whiting

Surfer girl

Table Talk

The Mclaren Mob

The Poulton Pod

The three chanteurs

Phoebe’s fabulous fruit

Three skinny lattes

Un vino rosso per favore

Beatrice goes Bathing

Sarah's Mission

“Life is a gift and what joy and beauty there is in life. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this. Every time I stand before a canvas I have a simple quest – to create a thing of beauty, something fun, warm and happy to make the viewer smile. That is what art should be about… spread the joy!”


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